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GFSI – What is it, and why do we need it?

Matt Regusci Train To Comply

This thursday, October 11th, Train To Comply will put on a free webinar covering what GFSI is, and why it matters to third party audits. Presented by Matt Regusci, CEO and founder of Train To Comply, this open discussion will cover the importance of open, comprehensive standards, and how it influences what you see on […]

BRC Version 8 Update

  Train To Comply will be continuing our weekly webinar series with our special guest speaker, Ron Vail, CEO of Acet Global Consulting! This weeks free informational webinar will cover the BRC update, where Ron will discuss the major changes between version 7 and the just released version 8. Learn about the brand new Food […]

Rodents, Unwanted Dead or Alive

The recent salmonella outbreak that originated in North Carolina comes from an unpleasant source. Rose Acre Farms in North Carolina suffered a heavy infestation of rodents and insects, as well as a serious lack of food safety culture, according to inspection reports. Thirty-five people who sourced eggs from the facility have gotten sick. Pest control […]

Incorporating Blockchain In E-learning To Safeguard Trust

The word ‘training’ often brings to mind sitting in a stuffy room in plastic chairs, while the fluorescent lights hum overhead, the stale coffee burns your tongue, and the trainer drones on in a monotone that the participants drown out in subconscious self-defense nearly instantly. For many companies, this is true. Some see training as […]

Which Scheme is Right for You?

Matt is often asked, “What is the difference between all of these different schemes and audits? What should I use? Which is the BEST one?” To answer those questions, Matt put on a quick webinar for some of our clients on what the difference was between PrimusGFS, GlobalGAP Option 1, and GlobalGAP Option 2. This […]