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BRC Version 8 Update

  Train To Comply will be continuing our weekly webinar series with our special guest speaker, Ron Vail, CEO of Acet Global Consulting! This weeks free informational webinar will cover the BRC update, where Ron will discuss the major changes between version 7 and the just released version 8. Learn about the brand new Food […]

Bashing Third Party Food Safety Audits Will Not Fix The Food Industry…But I Know What Will

I love reading the articles written, posted, and commented on by many of the food compliance professionals within Linkedin. Felix Amiri is one of the spirited professionals that I may not always agree with, but always love to read. That said, Felix, buddy, you got this one wrong. It’s okay Felix, you’re not the only […]

Rodents, Unwanted Dead or Alive

The recent salmonella outbreak that originated in North Carolina comes from an unpleasant source. Rose Acre Farms in North Carolina suffered a heavy infestation of rodents and insects, as well as a serious lack of food safety culture, according to inspection reports. Thirty-five people who sourced eggs from the facility have gotten sick. Pest control […]

Incorporating Blockchain In E-learning To Safeguard Trust

The word ‘training’ often brings to mind sitting in a stuffy room in plastic chairs, while the fluorescent lights hum overhead, the stale coffee burns your tongue, and the trainer drones on in a monotone that the participants drown out in subconscious self-defense nearly instantly. For many companies, this is true. Some see training as […]

More Than 200 Million Eggs Recalled…From a Single Producer

More than 200 million eggs recalled…from a single producer The scope of food safety has changed in the past decades. Once, a producer shipped their product only within a few hours distance from their facility. ‘Vertical integration’ wasn’t a concept that anyone discussed; every farmer worked their own land, and sold their own product, as […]

ACET Global Consulting teaming up with Train To Comply

CHARLOTTE, NC, April 11, 2018 – ACET Global Consulting and Train to Comply have entered into a strategic partnership. Ron Vail and his team of international food compliance experts will record trainings for the Train To Comply platform. The ACET team will run many of Train to Comply’s live trainings, acting as a Training Center […]

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